What is KFW StrollerFit?

Take the Stress Out of Working Out After Baby

A fitness group for moms who want to get in a quality workout with baby in tow.

Our award-winning StrollerFit program is designed to help you achieve results while feeling great, body and mind!

  • Weekly effective, fun and postpartum safe group workouts
  • Nutrition Guidance, meal ideas, and coaching
  • Access to a Pre and Post Program Assessment tool
  • Exclusive Online Support Community
  • BONUS: Immediate and lifetime access to the #IAmKeepFitWomen Member Community

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See what KFW StrollerFit is all about:

Becoming a mom leads to a major shift in priorities. While your plans may now revolve around feeding and nap schedules, it’s more important than ever to carve out time for you.

Easier said than done, am I right?

You want to rebuild your strength and get back into a healthy routine, but the days pass by so quickly (even when the minutes can feel like hours). Each day, your intention to invest time into your health and wellness seems to fall to the bottom of the to-do list.

It’s easy to get discouraged. There’s so much to take into account when you’re working out as a new mom, from navigating the changes in your postpartum health to coordinating schedules with a partner or grandparent just so you can take some time for yourself.

When you do get away, you find yourself distracted and wracked with mom guilt. 

Sound familiar?

Join StrollerFit, a welcoming space for moms who want to get anactualworkout without worrying about who’s watching the baby.

Don’t let the name fool you, these exercises are no walk in the park! You’ll be building your strength and endurance and walk away feeling productive and accomplished.

Our workouts are catered to the postpartum woman, meaning you can join at your own pace and return to your fitness regime in a safe and healthy way. 

StrollerFit was created to help remove the stress of trying to sneak in a workout during naptime. You can bring your little one along for the ride, and tend to them whenever they need you.

The best part is, you’ll be surrounded by a supportive group of moms who totally get it. 

After all, they showed up for the same reason as you – spit up stained shirt and tired eyes included. 

Ultimately, the main goal in each session is to get in a good workout.

With StrollerFit, you can truly have it all: an accessible and supportive environment for your baby, a community of like-minded women to lean on, and a challenging workout that leaves you feeling your best.

Here’s what you can expect from joining StrollerFit:

Reduced stress and anxiety trying to plan your workouts around your baby.

Postpartum-safe exercises and modifications to meet your specific needs.

A supportive community of moms who share your values.

Increased confidence while exercising in your postpartum body.

Time to focus on rebuilding your strength in a mom-friendly environment.

Better mental and emotional wellbeing as a result of increased physical activity.

Rebuild your functional strength in a postpartum safe environment. 

Hi, I’m Jeenie, mom, wife, fitness trainer, and founder of KeepFit Women. After having my own children, I went on a search to find a great workout in a mom-friendly environment. To me, this meant somewhere I could bring my kids, exercise safely, and still get in a challenging and effective workout. 

I found that what I was looking for didn’t exist. Regular training classes didn’t incorporate postpartum safe exercises, and I couldn’t bring my baby. Fitness groups meant for moms were more about community and support, which is great, but I also wanted a hard-hitting workout.

This is why I created KFW StrollerFit. I saw a need for a workout group that supports moms in re-entering fitness safely and provides them with a sweat session that leaves them feeling accomplished.

I had three incredibly complicated pregnancies, so I’m acquainted with the desire of feeling like you’re trying to get back to a place where you feel comfortable. After each pregnancy, I had to relearn how to make my body move in a way that feels good. 

I don’t believe moms need to “bounce back” or “return to normal”. I think postpartum is a growth and an evolution. It’s an opportunity to learn how to do old things in a new way. I love this community of women because we understand what you’ve been through and where you’re at on a personal level, and we’re all on this journey of self-improvement together.

But the best part about KFW StrollerFit is that it takes the stress out of working out. That’s why to this day, I still enjoy showing up and attending the classes. Our teams across all divisions look forward to seeing you there

What’s Included in StrollerFit?

Here’s what you get when you join:

✔️ Weekly access to your StrollerFit group where we share information and provide resources specifically for your group.

✔️ Safe and effective group workouts each week.

✔️ Education-based nutrition guidance and coaching support.

✔️ Access to a Pre and Post Program Assessment tool

BONUS: You’ll also get lifetime access to our KeepFit Women Facebook Group where we share our wins, swap recipes, and cheer one another on as a supportive community.

Are you ready to start focusing on the next stage of your health journey postpartum and beyond?

Not sure if you're ready for StrollerFit?

Even if you’ve already been cleared by your doctor for exercise, you may be wondering if StrollerFit is right for you and your unique postpartum circumstances. We encourage you to reach out to our team to ensure StrollerFit is the best fit for you.



StrollerFit member

“I joined the KeepFit Women stroller fit workouts at 7 months postpartum, and wish I had sooner! The workouts offered variety, no one was like another. I loved the blend of cardio, bodyweight and weighted strength training. All offered in an open, comfortable environment!"


StrollerFit Member

"Amazing community to get involved in after having a baby. Great way to get healthy and meet some new moms. I can’t wait to continue my journey with these women, and I recommend them to anyone looking for a change in their lifestyle."


StrollerFit Member

"After I had my baby I was looking for a mom and babe group that I could meet and workout with likeminded women. I found this strollerfit group and it was more than I could have hoped for. The workouts are fun and I left every session feeling challenged and like I worked hard. Not only is it a killer workout but it has a sense of community as well. The coaches are AMAZING and the ladies in the group are all supportive. I am so grateful I was able to spend my maternity leave with such a great group of people and be a part of a community that is so inclusive. I’ve increased my confidence, strength and made several new friends. I recommend KeepFit Women 10/10!"


StrollerFit Member

"I started with KeepFit Women in one of their strollerfit classes I loved it so much I'm now doing their fitcamp classes!"


If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready for your health and fitness transformation.

It’s the perfect time for you to enroll in StrollerFit if...

You want a postpartum-safe workout program built on education and support.

You’re excited to reap the mental and emotional benefits of physical activity.

You know rebuilding strength is at the core of increasing your confidence.

You can’t wait to rebuild your strength and learn more about your powerful postpartum body.

You love the idea of connecting with other moms while getting in a great workout.

You’re excited to uncover the chapter of your health and fitness journey but you need accountability and support.

You know that self-care isn’t selfish and you want to set a healthy example for your kids(s). 

So mama, isn’t it time to support your whole body health and start working towards your fitness goals?


Does my child have to stay in the stroller?

We understand that your child may need to come out of their stroller during class time. That is totally cool, we get it! Babies have needs, so feel free to tend to them and take them out whenever needed. [Sometimes we may even ask them to be our assistant coach for the day!]

Am I physically ready for StrollerFit?

At KeepFit Women we know that every single persons body, pregnancy and birth experience are different. And that is why everyones recovery time and entrance into the fitness world after baby will look different. At KFW StrollerFit, we focus on healing, building core strength and we love providing all sorts of modifications to suit all members needs! If you are unsure if YOU are ready, we got you.Shoot us an email and we can chat about your specific needs.

Can I bring more than one child?

All of your young children under 5 years old are welcome to join you for the StrollerFit class. Sometimes siblings even enjoy exercising along with us! Please keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to tend to them if they need anything and keep them safe around the exercise equipment.

*Please note: during situations like the Covid Pandemic, this policy may be subject to changes.